Dundurn Lodge No. 475

I extend a warm welcome to this the website of the Dundurn Lodge №475. Our lodge is located in Hillcrest Masonic Temple, located on 257 Mohawk Rd W, Hamilton, Ontario.

Freemasonry is intended to offer those who are members the opportunity to make themselves better individuals and demonstrate to others that they are considerate, kind and charitable by word and deed to those less fortunate than themselves irrespective of whether or not they are Freemasons. I hope this website will be of interest to both Freemasons and to non masons who wish to learn more and may be thinking of joining our international fraternity which has been in existence for over 300 years. It aims to bring together men of goodwill regardless of background, religion or political persuasion; it promotes tolerance, charity and integrity.

Next Installation Date: 
June 3, 2017
Next Official Visit Date: 
March 6, 2017
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Wor. Master: 
Vladimir Khayutin
Wor. Master Phone: 
Dale Chapman
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