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Dundurn Lodge No. 475

Regular Meetings:  First Monday of every month (except January 2nd Monday)
Emergent meetings: As per Lodge by-laws

Worshipful Master: Constantine Khayutin
Telephone: 905-923-6333
Email address:

Secretary: Dale Chapman
Telephone: 905-385-8259
Email address:

Lodge History

The name Dundurn has been translated from the ancient Scottish language as meaning “THE LIGHT ON THE HILL” and since its founding the lodge has given much in leadership to the craft in general as well as to itself, a beacon showing the path to Masonic teachings and achievements.

First Officers of Dundurn Lodge No. 475, A.F. & A. M., G. R. C. 

Worshipful Master – Worshipful Brother John Hooper
Senior Warden – Brother James Hooper
Junior Warden – Brother John Burns
Chaplain – Worshipful Brother Frank L. Nash
Treasurer – Rt.Worshipful Brother Wm. Burrell
Secretary – Worshipful Brother G. H. Lanigan
Senior Deacon – Brother Walter Menkins
Junior Deacon – Brother James F. McDonald
Dir. of Ceremonies – Brother Chas Smith
First Steward – Brother Robert H. Hooper
Second Steward – Brother T.W. Appleton
Third Steward – Brother M.C. Thompson
Tyler – Brother Wm. Tocher
Inner Guard – Brother J. D. Hamilton
Auditor – Worshipful Brother Andrew G. Bain
Auditor – Brother Robert H. Hooper
Hall Trustee – Worshipful Brother G.H. Lanigan

Early History of our Lodge

April 29th 1905
Meeting to consider formation of a new lodge was held at the office of Brother Dr. Walter Menkins, 12 Bay Street North, Hamilton. Decision was to meet on the 3rd Saturday monthly and the name to be “DUNDURN”.

June 1Oth 1905
Meeting held in the Masonic Hall and first officers appointed.

June 17th 1905
Dundurn Lodge formed under dispensation by Rt. Worshipful Brother Fred Walter, D.D.G.M. Thirteen officers and members and 40 visitors were present.

July 15th 1905
The first regular meeting was held with 15 officers and members and 47 visitors present. Among the first applications for affiliation received at this meeting were those of Bros. John McCoy, Dan W. Evans and Robert Buchanan. First petitions for membership from John Meiler, John H. Armstrong, Wm. A. Crawford, Wallace T. Wingfield and Fred S. Grainger.

July 18th 1906
The Warrant of Constitution was granted by the Grand Lodge in session at Massey Hall, Toronto, M.W. Brother J. H. Burrill Grand Master and numbered No. 475.

October 20th 1906
The 16th regular meeting was held and marked the consecration of the Lodge and the investing of its officers. Present were 15 officers, 14 members, 9 Rt. Worshipful, 26 Worshipful Brethren and 62 visitors. As set forth in the following abstract of our lodge minutes. The Lodge was opened in the Second Degree at 4:25 p.m. and the officers of Grand Lodge received with due form and ceremony at 4:30 p.m. Rt. Worshipful Brother Lyman Lee, D.D.G.M. for the 8th or Hamilton District, in a beautiful service, consecrated the Lodge, installing the Worshipful Master and investing the officers. The Charter of the Lodge was presented on this occasion. 1st Master Worshipful Brother John Hooper 1905-1906-1907

October 19th 1907
First demit granted.

November 28th 1907
M.W. Brother Hugh Murray, Grand Secretary and a member of’ Dundum, died.

January 18th 1908
The Chain Collar now used by the Worshipful Master was presented to the Lodge by Worshipful Brother John Hooper, the first master.

March 27th 1908
Fraternal visit of Worshipful Brother William Hooper, Master, Grand Rapids Lodge, Wisconsin, U.S.A . Three Worshipful Masters of one family – Worshipful Brother John, James and William Hooper, were seated in the East on this occasion.

June 20th 1908
First suspension for non-payment of dues.

May 15th 1909
Official visit of Most Worshipful Brother A. T. Freed, Grand Master, a member of Dundurn Lodge.

August 21st 1909
Motion passed consenting to formation of Electric Lodge.

August 20th. 1910
V.W. Brother Thos. E. Epps elected and invested Tyler. Died September 1924.

March 23rd 1911
First investment of$100.00 made

1905 to 1955 and the two World Wars

Continued progress crowned our efforts for the decade to 1910. The advent of World War I had many of our Brethren coming forward to take their places in the fight for Freedom and Democracy. It was a familiar sight at our regular lodge meetings to have brethren in uniform approach the East to receive the Lodge’s send off and a souvenir wrist watch suitably inscribed.

This abbreviated first 50 years outline of Dundurn is meant to cover the highlights of our craft lodge and could be enhanced were it possible to record all the intimate little things that characterize its members. The many activities like the Lambs Club and the amateur shows we used to put on, the mysterious poet we once had at our annual elections and the old time visits we had with Valley Lodge in Dundas. At regular meetings Worshipful Brother John McCoy would move around the lodge to shake hands of brethren and ask about their families and problems.

Dundurn played its part well in the Victory Loan. Drives, sending food, fruits and comforts to our men overseas and vigorously collected clothing of all sorts to help the Mother Country in her gallant struggle. World War II was repletion of our former efforts, the hardship, and self-sacrifice of controls; rationing of meats and materials in short supply did much to strengthen the tough fiber of Dundurn that stands it in such good stead