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Campbell Lodge No. 603

30 Campbell Avenue, Campbellville, Ontario
Regular Meetings: First Tuesday of every month
Emergent meetings: As per Lodge by-laws

Worshipful Master: Jorge Bettencourt
Email address:

Secretary: Scott Laing
Telephone: 519-546-3331
Email address:

Lodge History

Early History

The following members of the craft met in Campbellville on January 6th 1922, for the purpose of drafting and signing a petition to Grand lodge for permission to form a Masonic Lodge in Campbellville: Brothers T. H. Snyder, D. Campbell, T. N. Lowe, A. J. McPhedron, W. D. Stewart, R. C. Menzies, J. A. McTaggart, W. O. Morse, J. K.. Mahon, G. T. Murdock, E. Byerman, W. A. Moore, A. Taylor, l. Herman, E. Agnew and J. C. Blacklock.. This petition was then forwarded to St. Clair Lodge, No. 135, Milton, Ontario, for their endorsment, and on January 27th, 1922, this being the date of the M. W. the Grand Master’s visit to St. Clair Lodge, our petition was unanimously endorsed by them. We then secured Rt. Wor. Bro. C. E. Kelly’s approval, Rt. Wor. Bro. Kelly being the D.D.G.M., and with these recommendations the Grand Master approved our petition. Campbell Lodge was instituted by Rt. Wor. Bro. Kelly and suite from Hamilton on the night of March 31st 1922, and while this night did not tend to encourage the formation of any Lodge, on account of one of the worst ice storms in the history of this community, raging at the time yet ten of our Charter Members were present as well as the following Brethren from Hamilton, who composed the Instituting team: Rt. Wor. Bro. C. E. Kelly, D. D. G. M., V. Wor. Bro. H. Temple, Wor. Bro. Lavis, Bro. Annesley, Rt. Wor. Bro. Latshaw and Wor. Bro.. John Forth. Through the kindness of the Orange Fraternity of Campbellville, we were permitted the use of their Lodge Room until we could secure a building of our own. Work was carried on in this building until October 1st 1922, when our own building was completed. On the night of October 11th 1922 our present building was duly Constituted and Consecrated by Wt. Wor. Bro. F. Hills, D. D. G. M., of Hamilton, and at the same time we received our Charter from Grand Lodge, thus making established, we hope for all time to come Campbell Lodge, No. 603 A. F. & A. M., G. R. C.

The Reconstruction of the Lodge Building

On January 1st, 1935, our Lodge building was destroyed by fire.  W. Bro. J. Edgar Ellenton was the newly elected Master at the time. While most of the furniture was saved, the secretary’s desk and nearly all the records were lost. The regular meeting scheduled for the night of the fire was held at the home of W. Bro. T.H. Snyder (the first Master of Campbell Lodge).  St. Clair Lodge, Milton, generously offered the use of their Lodge room for as long as needed and our meetings were held at St. Clair Lodge until our new building could be erected.  The first meeting in the new building was held on September 3rd, 1935 and the dedication ceremony was conducted by R.W. Bro. W.J. Dunlop, the Grand Master at that time, assisted by other Grand Lodge officers on November 18th, 1935.

Campbell Lodge – A Brief Timeline

In 1938-1939, R.W. Bro. Frank McNiven, a Charter Member, became the first Brother from Campbell Lodge to be made a D.D.G.M.

Grand Lodge granted joint jurisdiction with St. Clair Lodge, Milton and with the two Burlington Lodges in 1962.

R.W. Bro. Fred Auckland became the second District Deputy Grand Master from Campbell Lodge in July 1967.

April 4th, 1972, Campbell Lodge celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Hamilton District’s “A” & “B” were divided into three districts “A”, “B” & “C”, in April 1973, with Campbell Lodge remaining in District “A”.

R.W. Bro. William A. Winggrove became the third D.D.G.M from Campbell Lodge in 1978

R.W. Bro. Percy Barr became the fourth D.D.G.M from Campbell Lodge in 1992.

V.W. Bro. David Croft stepped down in 2006 after serving as Secretary for 22 years and that same year, R.W. Bro. D. J. Ivan Elliot became the fifth D.D.G.M. from Campbell Lodge.  Then in 2007 V.W. Bro. Allan Parsons was invested as a Grand Steward and in 2014, V.W. Bro. Wayne was afforded that same honour.

On November 3rd 2015, the Brethren of Campbell Lodge were privileged to welcome the Grand Master, John C Green, along with DDGM David Midgley, to Campbell Lodge to perform the dedication of the Mosaic Pavement.

Worshipful Masters of Campbell Lodge No. 603 GRC AF&AM

1922-3 T.H. Snyder 1924 Rev. T.N. Lowe 1925 D. Campbell
1926 G.T. Murdock 1927 J.K. Mahon 1928 F. McNiven
1929 E.S. Byerman 1930 C.W. Rowden 1931 J. Gilmour
1932 S. I. Coulson 1933 Wm. Blacklock 1934 C.C. McPhail
1935 J.E. Ellenton 1936 Rev. C.G. Jones 1937 E.M. Readhead
1938 E.D. Mahon 1939 L.W. McMillan 1940 W.J. McLeod
1941 W.M. Van Sickle 1942 G.M. Colling 1943 Dr. H.R. McDonald
1944 E.C. Foster 1945 G.R. Carbert 1946 C.F. Norrish
1947 G.E. Readhead 1948 C. Chisholm 1949 S. Robinson
1950 J.M. Readhead 1951 L. Coxe 1952 R.G. Thomas
1953 A.R. Coulter 1954 J.R. McPhail 1955 G.E. Coulson
1956 N.H. McPhail 1957 R.K. Mahon 1958 V.E. McArthur
1959 A. Twiss 1960 W.J. Huether 1961 R. Gorter
1962 H. Gorter 1963 Dr. C.L. Young 1964 W.G. Pickett
1965 F.J. Auckland 1966 J.S.Cramp 1967 L.S. Raspberry
1968 J.H. Coulter 1969 W.A. Wingrove 1970 D, H, McMillan
1971 D.G. Simpson 1972 J.B. Readhead 1973 K.N. McNabb
1974 E.C. Jennings 1975-6 L.E. Andrews 1977 A.E. Parsons
1978 W.C. Taylor 1979 S.J. Corman 1980 L.J. Losonczki
1981 W.A.J. Elliot 1982 C.R. Laking 1983 D.A. Croft
1984 D.J.I. Elliot 1985 A.P. Crow 1986-7 R.P. Johnson
1988 B.C. Elliot 1989-90 E.T. Evans 1991-2 L.W. McMillan
1993 O.K. Van Sickle 1994 P.A. Barr 1995-6 P.J. Barber
1997 D.J.I. Elliot 1998 A.E. Parsons 1999-2000 M. Schram
2001 A. T. Hughes 2002-3 A.Sinanan 2004 R.B. Campbell
2005 R.F.M. Elliot 2006 J.C. Lobo 2007 B.F. Agnew
2008 S. Haddon 2009 E. Walters 2010 S. Schlotzhauer
2011 S. Laing 2012 J. Maas 2013 B.F. Agnew
2014 W. Trafford 2015 B. Kent 2016 R. Carmichael