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Hamilton District A


It is an honour and a privilege to represent the Grand Master as District Deputy Grand Master for Hamilton District A for the ensuing year.  Clearly, the past two years have not been the easiest in our Masonic history, however with the guidance of our Grand Lodge and our Past District Deputy Grand Master we have continued to work together ensuring that Masonry in our District is very much alive and well.

I would like to introduce W. Bro. Robert (Bob) Dunne as our District Secretary.

My thanks to the brethren of Trafalgar Lodge No. 712 for the confidence they have placed in me, to the brethren of District A for electing me as the Grand Masters representative as D.D.G.M., and to the Past District Deputies my thanks for the wealth of knowledge that you each afforded me in preparation for me assuming this position.

The District Secretary and I will serve the District to the best of our ability.  We look forward to visiting the Lodges within the District as well as those in adjacent Districts as much as we can as Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed going forward.

I and your District Secretary would like to meet, either virtually or in person as circumstances dictate, with the three principal officers and the secretary of each Lodge in the District to determine the needs of your respective Lodges and what Grand Lodge might do to be of assistance to your respective Lodges.

It doesn’t matter how many resources you have …

If you don’t make use of them, it will never be enough

The District project for this year is IAN ANDERSON HOUSE, located in Oakville.  Ian Anderson House is a hospice for cancer patients.  The Masonic Foundation of Ontario Project Number is 2401.

The food drive challenge that brings some competitiveness to our District Lodges while extending a helping hand to families who may be our neighbors reflects who we are.  The proceeds from the food drive will be provided to FOOD FOR LIFE and is easy for all of us to do.  At this time there is a great need or us to aid the Food for Life operation.

“Our Masonic forefathers had an understanding of human needs and human aspirations.  They may never have dreamed of the mindless computer which governs our lives, or the fission of matter which threatens our lives, but they understood human nature and what motivates the spirit of man.  Thus, for a simple process of using stone and mortar for building they progressed to the most important of life’s functions, the “building of character””

Louis L. Williams

Let us continue to live and to express the Masonic Virtues of our FAITH in God and each other, our HOPE for the future of the Craft and Mankind and our CHARITY to all, especially those in need.

Best Regards and Fraternally,

R. W. Bro. Roy L. Oldfield
District Deputy Grand Master
Hamilton District ‘A’