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Beach Lodge No. 475

Regular Meetings: First Monday of every month, September through May

Emergent Meetings: Committee of General Purpose – 3rd Thursday of the Month

Installation: May

Worshipful Master – Jason Longe
Phone: 905-541-6494

Secretary – Mark Kapitan
Phone: 905-385-8259

Lodge History

The name Dundurn has been translated from the ancient Scottish language as meaning “THE LIGHT ON THE HILL”. Since it’s founding the lodge has given much in leadership to the craft in general as well as to itself, a beacon showing the path to Masonic teachings and achievements.

April 29th 1905: Meeting to consider formation of a new lodge was held at the office of Brother Dr. Walter Menkins, 12 Bay Street North , Hamilton. Decision was to meet on the 3rd Saturday monthly and the name to be “DUNDURN”.

June 1Oth 1905: Meeting held in the Masonic Hall and first officers appointed.

June 17th 1905: Dundurn Lodge formed under dispensation by R.W. Bro. Fred Walter, D.D.G.M. Thirteen officers and members and 40 visitors were present.

July 15th 1905: The first regular meeting was held with 15 officers and members and 47 visitors present.

July 18th 1906: The Warrant of Constitution was granted by the Grand Lodge in session at Massey Hall, Toronto, M.W. Bro. J. H. Burrill Grand Master and numbered No. 475

October 20th 1906: The 16th regular meeting was held and marked the consecration of the Lodge and the investing of its officers. Present were 15 officers, 14 members, 9 R.W., 26 Worshipful Brethren and 62 visitors. The Charter of the Lodge was presented on this occasion.


December 8, 1925 is a date impressed indelibly on the collective Masonic conscience of the brethren of Beach Lodge. On that date, under dispensation the lodge was formed and R.W. Bro. Smith Waite, D.D.G.M. for Hamilton District B installed the officers, which included the first WM, the Reverend T.N. Lowe. The meeting was held at St. Andrew’s By-the-Lake Church, known as ‘Church at Station 4’.

In January 1926 a building committee was appointed and in March 1926 they brought forward a motion to purchase lots at Station 6. The cornerstone was layed on June 25, 1927. That fall the brethren of Beach Lodge marched a mile from their new home to attend the Divine Service at St. Andrew’s.

The ceremony of constituting, consecrating and dedication of Beach Lodge No. 639 was held on September 13, 1927 under the leadership of D.G.M. R.W. Bro. R.B. Dargavel, assisted by 28 past masters. At the regular meeting of December 18, 1944 the Lodge conducted the ‘burning of the mortgage ceremony.’

In 1971 the lodge property was expropriated by the Board of Education for the City of Hamilton and Beach Lodge began meeting a the Stoney Creek Masonic Temple.

On October 3, 2022 Dundurn Lodge No. 475 and Beach Lodge No. 639 were amalgamated to form Beach Lodge No. 475, A.F. & A.M., GRC. and W. Bro. Randy Peterson was installed as the Worshipful Master.